About Johanna Dunaway

Associate Professor


Texas A&M University


Email: jdunaway@tamu.edu

Website: http://www.johannadunaway.com

Biographical sketch and research interests

Johanna Dunaway is an associate professor of communication at Texas A&M University She has written extensively on the relationship between the structural features of media outlets and election news content.  Her current research examines the impact of the changing contemporary media environment across individuals, groups, and local communities.  Her other work examines local news coverage of political campaigns, immigration, and events such as the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, she has published in numerous other areas including public opinion, political behavior, and political advertising.  Her work appears in journals such as the Journal of Politics, Public Opinion Quarterly, Journal of Communication, Political Communication, Political Research Quarterly, Political Behavior, Journalism Studies and Social Science Quarterly.