About Dawn Teele

Assistant Professor

Political Science

University of Pennsylvania

Fields: American, Comparative

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Email: teele.academic@gmail.com

Website: http://www.dawnteele.com

Biographical sketch and research interests

Dawn Langan Teele is the Janice and Julian Bers Assistant Professor in the Social Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania.  Teele’s research, which examines the causes and consequences of voting rights reform, forms of bias in politics, and social science methodology, has won several prizes and awards, including the Women and Politics Research Section’s award for the best paper presented at the American Political Science Association Conference in 2016, and the Gabriel Almond Award for Best Dissertation in Comparative Politics from the APSA. Teele has published in a variety of academic journals, is the editor of a volume on field experiments (Yale University Press, 2014), and is finishing a book about the practical politics of women’s suffrage for Princeton University Press. She holds a BA in economics from Reed College and a PhD in political science from Yale University.