2020 – Claremont Graduate University


Call for Paper Proposals:
Visions in Methodology 2020 at Claremont Graduate University
May 21-23, 2020

The 2020 Visions in Methodology (VIM) Program Committee is now accepting proposals for papers for the VIM 2020 Workshop to be held at Claremont Graduate University from May 21 to 23, 2020. We invite submissions from female graduate students and faculty that address measurement, causal inference, and the application of advanced statistical methods to substantive research questions. The conference meetings will be open to all interested participants.

Participants are expected to arrive at CGU by 5:00 pm on May 21. The workshop consists of two days of research presentations and opportunities for networking and mentoring and concludes with a dinner on May 23. VIM offers financial support for travel, lodging, and food for selected participants.

To apply, please upload the title and description of your research project (100-150 words) along with a curriculum vita here. The application deadline is February 28th. All individuals who have identified and continue to identify as women (including cisgender and trans women), intersex individuals who do not identify as male, individuals assigned female at birth who have not taken medical or legal steps to identify as male, and individuals assigned female at birth who do not identify within the gender binary are encouraged to apply.

The Visions in Methodology (VIM) workshop is part of a broad effort to support women in the field of political methodology. VIM provides opportunities for scholarship, networking, and mentoring for women in the political methodology community. In addition to providing a forum to present research, VIM aims to connect women in a subfield of political science where they are underrepresented. Please visit the VIM website for more details: http://visionsinmethodology.org/.