About Tesalia Rizzo

Graduate Student

Political Science

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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Email: trizzo@mit.edu

Website: http://www.tesaliarizzo.com

Biographical sketch and research interests

Tesalia Rizzo is a PhD candidate in Political Science at MIT. She studies comparative political behavior using survey and experimental methods as well as ethnographic techniques. Before coming to MIT, she studied in Mexico City at the Instituto Tecnológico de México (ITAM). Her dissertation explores why and when citizens decide to exit a clientelistic political system. More generally, how programmatic alternatives to informal intermediation and partisan brokerage may (or may not) improve citizen-state relations, mechanisms of accountability and ultimately, citizens’ political engagement. Her broader research agenda seeks to understand the role that informal actors between citizen and state play in shaping individuals’ attitudes and political engagement during elections and in the electoral off-cycle.