CMT Submission Instructions

  1. Navigate to VIM 2018’s submission portal here. You should see:
    splash page
  2. Click “Create Account,” fill out form, click “Register” when finished.
  3. Watch for an account verification email from You must click the verification link in the email before the site will permit you to log in.
  4. Once you verify, navigate back to the conference’s submission portal. Log in if you are not already. You should then see:
  5. Click the “Create New Submission” button. If the button is not visible, check the information in the header’s top right corner matches the screenshot (“Author” for role, “VIM2018” for conference). If the information matches, the button’s absence is not an error. Submissions are not currently being accepted.
  6. Fill out the submission form.
    • Abstracts should be 100-150 words.
    • Take a moment to select appropriate category or categories for your submission. It helps us process the proposals faster.
  7. When complete, scroll to bottom of submission form and click “Submit”.

If you continue to have trouble submitting your proposal, please email us.